About CGH Earth

CGH Earth develops and operates travel experiences in multiple locations. A family owned enterprise, we opened doors in 1954 with Casino Hotel in Willingdon Island, Cochin. Every CGH Earth experience has a set of common core values, these values provide, not just the invisible pillars on which our efforts stand, but also serve as daily inspirations, made visible in hundreds of little details at CGH. We believe that it is these details that collectively, create the singular mosaic that is the CGH Earth experience.

Environmental Sensitivity –we do our best to touch nature with sensitive hands and give something back to the ecosystems around us.

Benefiting the Local Communities –at CGH Earth, we value the contribution of the native culture and heritage. We regularly work with local communities by creating employment opportunities and more than that developing intricate bonds by including them in the CGH Earth family.

Adopting the Local Ethos –we believe in a participative ethos, drawing both inspiration and wisdom from the cultures that surround us.

CGH Properties in Kerala, Karnataka, Pondicherry & Tamil Nadu

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