Pondicherry is a place which forms an instant hold over a traveller’s heart. Owing to its colonial past a distinct French imprint resides on every part of this petite town situated on the Coromandels. Famous for its manicured architecture and layout the town has a host of attractions; art galleries, cafes, antique shops, historical buildings and beaches. Yet Pondicherry can spring a pleasant surprise for an unsuspecting traveller ambling into the Tamil Quarter of town.

It is in the Tamil Quarter of Pondicherry the suave west and the tangy east together to form a unique cultural mix. The Tamil Quarter stands in a sharp contrast to the genteel French Quarter; displaying the usual hustle and bustle of a typical Indian town.
Hotel Maison Perumal Pondicherry Facade 4 Hotel Maison Perumal Pondicherry

Hotel Maison Perumal by CGH Earth is a boutique hotel located in Pondicherry's Tamil Quarter. The heritage building features a Franco-Tamil design renowned for its excellent use of free spaces, ventilated interiors and arched colonnades, doorways and windows adorned with stained glass. This expertly restored manor house follows traditional Tamil philosophy of minimalistic yet refined décor. Its foliaged courtyards, tapered verandas and cozy rooms inspire a delightful nostalgia in the residents.

Tamils are well-known for their warm hospitality and Hotel Maison Perumal recreates that charming experience through the simplicity, attentiveness and cordiality of its people. At every turn guests will encounter gentle expressions of care and affection; from the colourful Kolams in doorways and wonderful artworks on walls to the appetizing South Indian delicacies served in the restaurant at Hotel Maison Perumal.